1. Admission against 70% of seats is offered to 10+2 passed students through RPET.
2. 15% seats are reserved for students from out side Rajasthan and 15% seats are reserved for management quota. Their admission is through AIEEE.
S. No. Discipline Total Seats
1. Civil Engineering 120
2. Computer  Engineering 60
3. Electronics & Communication Engineering 60
4. Electrical Engineering 180
5. Mechanical Engineering 60
S. No. Discipline Total Seats
1. Civil Engineering 60
2. Electrical Engineering 120
1. After 10th in Ist Year through Management Quota & D.T.E.
2. After 12th(P.C.M.) in Diploma IInd Year



  B.Tech Engineering Programmes                                                                                               Amount in Rs.
  Tuition Fees 59,000/-
  Development Fees 11,000 /-
  Total Fees (per annum) 70,000/-
  At the time of admission the following also needs to be paid :
  Registration Fees (One time payment) 1,000/-
  Caution Deposite ( Refundable) 7,500/-
  Total Fees to be paid for the first year 78,500/-
Hostel Fee : 48,000/-P.A.
  Polytechnic Programmes                                                                                                            Amount in Rs.
  Tuition Fees 20,000/-
  Development Fees 8,000 /-
  Total Fees (per annum) 28,000/-
  At the time of admission the following also needs to be paid :
  Registration Fees (One time payment) 1,000/-
  Caution Deposite ( Refundable) 7,500/-
  Total Fees to be paid for the first year 36,500/-
Hostel Fee : 48,000/-P.A.
Note : Hostel Fee is same for B.Tech and Polytechnic Courses



Admissions conform to the rules and regulations laid down by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota and AICTE. Admission to the college is merit based through RPET ( Rajasthan Pre Engineering test ) and AIEEE ( All India Engineering Entrance Examination ). A candidate with valid RPET rank card or AIEEE Score can opt for admission.

• 45% (40% for SC/ST) and above in class 10th (Xth).


• 45% (40% for SC/ST) and above in class 12th (XIIth).

The candidate must have passed 10+2 examination with science, Mathematics & English subject from Rajasthan Board of school education or any recognized Board.

In case the candidate has appeared in the 10+2 examination of Rajasthan Board of School Education or any other recognized Board and his /her result has not yet been declared by the Board at the time of submission of application from, them his/her eligibility condition at SL. No. (1) shall be verified at the time of Admission/Selection Committee. Admission will be granted only after the candidate fulfill all the eligibility conditions.



1. Duration of the Degree Course
  The Degree courses will be of 4 years duration after a pass in RPET ( Rajasthan Pre Engineering test ) and AIEEE ( All India Engineering Entrance Examination ) examination of the State.
2. Medium of Instruction
  The medium of instruction in all the theory and practical subjects shall be in English.
3. Procedures for selection
  Those students who have passed the 12th class examination held by the Rajasthan State Board of Higher Secondary Education or any other examination recognized on equivalent there to by the State Board of Technical Education Rajasthan State will be eligible to seek admission to Degree Courses.
4. Instructional duration in an academic year
  The hours of instructions will be 35 periods per week consisting of 7 periods in a day for 5 days in a week.
5. Minimum attendance required for obtaining eligibility to sit for the annual examination.
a. A candidate must secure a minimum of 80% attendance to secure the eligibility to sit for each annual examination.
b. In the case of those students who for medical reasons could not obtain the above minimum attendance, the Principal of the Engineering college at his/her discretion may grant the eligibility to write the examination with 65% attendance or more.
c. No student who has secured less than 65% attendance will be allowed to sit for the examination under any circumstances.
6. Scheme of Examinations and the award of marks for each subject.
a. The scheme of examination shall consists of external end examination and internal assessment based on periodical tests, assignments and attendance in theory subjects and seasonal work in practical subjects.
b. The total marks for end examination in theory papers will be 100 and for practical the end examination marks will also be 100 except in some practicals and marks may vary depending on the importance. The scheme for each discipline of the diploma will give details of the break up.
c. The scheme of seasonal marks and end examination marks are worked out for each discipline and is given along with other details.
d. All the end examinations will normally be of three hours duration. In certain specialized disciplines this requirement may not be adhered to strictly and the end examination of a longer duration may be permitted.
7. Award of internal assessment marks:
a. In respect of theory subjects the award of seasonal mark will be based on tests, assignments and attendance in the proportion of 40% for tests, 40% for assignments and 20% attendance. There will be a minimum of five tests and the best four of the 5 taken for final seasonal marks. In the case of assignments, there will be minimum of five assignments with all the five taken into account for the final seasonal marks.
b. The teachers will maintain record of all marks awarded in respect of internal assessment. The students can represent their grievance if any in respect of marks awarded to the Head of department for clarification.
c. In respect of practical the internal assessment shall be made based on workshop/field work/laboratory exercises conducted, drawing plates produced and laboratory record.
d. The students are required to keep a record of all their laboratory exercises performed by them in the form of a laboratory record. This record has to be authenticated by the teacher-in-charge of the laboratory and certified as the bonafide record of the work done by the student by the Head of Section before he is presented by the department for the practical examinations. No student will be permitted to take any practical examination without this bonafide certificate.
8. End Examination
a. In each theory subject there will be an end examination in each year conducted by the State Board of Technical Education as per the pre-announced scheme of examinations. The timetable for the examination will also be informed to the students ahead of their conduct.
b. The question paper for each theory paper (excluding the drawing papers) will consist of the following parts Part A - for a maximum of 20 marks containing 10 short answer type questions of 2 mark each (answer in one or two sentences) Covering the whole subject area. There will be no choice in Part A.
Part B - for a maximum of 80 marks consisting of 5 questions of 16 marks each with one question from each unit. Each question will be divided into 2 parts. The student will have 100% choice and can answer either part (i) or part (ii) of a question. Both the parts will be from the same unit of the curriculum.
The Part A and Part B will be given together in one question paper.
c. For practical end examinations, the State Board of Technical Education will appoint chief examiners who will set a paper consisting of a practical exercises. This will be used for that practical subject.
9. Minimum marks for a pass

A candidate must secure a minimum of 40% marks in the end examination in theory and practical examinations for a pass in each subject.

b. Here will be no separate minimum for a pass in the internal assessment but the total of marks for end examination and internal assessment should not be less than 40% for a pass each subject.
10. Rules for promotion from one year to the next
a. A candidate will be allowed to go to the second year if he/she has attended the first year class and has fulfilled the condition of attendance requirement.
b. A candidate will be allowed to go the third year class if he/she has attended the second year class and has secured the required attendance in the second year
11. Classification of successful candidates
a. A candidate shall be declared to have passed the degree course only if he/she has secured a pass in all the theory and practical subjects in the 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th years of study.
b. There will be 3 classes of passed candidates namely First class with distinction First class and Second class.
c. The division in which a candidate will be placed will be as follows:
75% and above – First class with distinction
60% and above - First class –but below 75%
All other successful candidates second class.
d. A candidate will be awarded first class or first class with distinction if he/she has passed
I Third year examination in one attempt and
II Second year examination taking not more than two chances. However for this purpose the candidate should have passed the second year examination before writing the third year examination or he/she should pass the second year examination simultaneously with the third year examination
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